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Inhibition of metal stamping parts distortion method

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Metal stamping parts in the process of production is very easy to appear a distorted phenomenon, now many companies strive to avoid the generation of this kind of phenomenon. When using stripper plate, using the stripper plate clamp material, to prevent the side of the die material up warping, at this point, the corresponding change in the stress of the material, standard network cabinets. With the increase of the unloading slabs the blank material force, rely on the convex side of the material by the tensile, and die surface material is compressed. Metal stamping parts as the flip of material on the surface of the concave die caused by stretching. So when cutting, pressure and pressure material is prevent the dongguan hardware washed pieces turn makings, the key point of distortion. 1, reasonable mould design. In the progressive die, blanking order arrangement is likely to affect the precision of the stamping forming. For stamping fine blanking parts, general arrangement of large-area first cutting blanking, then arrange the punching blanking of smaller area, in order to reduce the cutting force of the influence of the stamping forming. 2, pressure material. To overcome the traditional mould design structure, open capacity on the stripper plate material clearance ( The mold closed, stripper plate and die, and accommodate CaiLiaoChu stripper plate and die clearance for material thickness t - 0. 03 ~ 0. 05mm) 。 3, additional pressure function. To discharge set piece of material of pressure increasing size, Normal discharge with pieces of thick H + 0. 03mm) To increase the pressure on the concave side material, thus inhibiting the punching stamping double material and torsion deformation. 4, punch edge end fix the bevel or arc. This is an effective way to slow down the blanking force. Slow down the blanking force, can reduce the tensile force of the concave side material, thus suppressing stamping double material and torsion effect. 5, daily mold production, should pay attention to maintenance of convex and concave die cutting edge sharpness. When cutting blade wear, material by the tensile stress will increase, and stamping parts produced material, distortion tends to increase. 6, unreasonable blanking clearance or uneven clearance is also produce stamping parts material, the reason of the distortion, need to be overcome. In an article: metal stamping parts processing material selection
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