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Inspection specifications and methods for electroplated hardware part


The inspection of the metal parts after electroplating is an indispensable step after electroplating. Only the products that pass the inspection can be used for the next process. Generally, the inspection specifications for electroplated hardware parts are: appearance, coating thickness, adhesion, solderability, corrosion resistance test and packaging. The following is a detailed analysis of the inspection method:

1. Appearance test: The basic inspection item of electroplating, the inspection method is mainly to look at the appearance of the hardware part, such as poor plating, discoloration, peeling of the plating layer, and the like.

2, Coating thickness test: electroplating basic testing item, the test method is to use the instrument X-RAY fluorescent coating thickness gauge to check whether the actual thickness of the hardware part meets the requirements of the drawing.

3, Adhesion test: electroplating basic testing item, poor adhesion of metal terminal plating is one of the most common bad phenomena of electroplating, there are two methods of detection: bending method and tape method.

4. Solderability test: The basic test item of tin-plated hardware parts. If there is a requirement for post-welding process, poor solderability is absolutely not allowed. The basic methods of the welding test is: direct immersion tin method.

5, Corrosion resistance test: The test methods include salt spray test, nitric acid steam test, hydrogen sulfide vapor test, sulfur dioxide vapor test, water vapor aging test, the hardware parts can not have oxidation and functional variation after the test.

6. Packaging: The packaging represents the image of the enterprise, so the packaging direction is required to be correct. The packaging tray and the box are clean and tidy without damage. The label is completed correctly and the number of internal and external labels is the same.

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