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Inspection specifications and methods of the electroplating metal terminals

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Hardware terminal plating after the inspection is an indispensable step after plating, only qualified products can be on to the next working procedure. Usually electroplating metal terminal inspection specifications for: appearance, film thickness, adhesion, soldering ability and corrosion resistance testing and packaging, the concrete analysis to test method: 1, the appearance of the test: plating basic testing project, testing method mainly is to look at the hardware terminal plating bad appearance, color, coating, etc. 2, film thickness testing: plating basic project detection, X-ray inspection method is to use the instrument RAY fluorescence film thickness instrument, detection hardware terminal actual thickness whether meet the drawings. 3, adhesion test: plating basic testing project, hardware terminal coating adhesion is bad one of the most common adverse phenomenon, its detection method has two kinds: bending method and tape method. 4, solder ability test: tin lead and tin plating basic test items, such as after welding process requirement, bad welding is absolutely not allowed. The basic method of welding test are: direct immersion tin and aging before welding method. 5, and corrosion resistance test: the test methods include salt fog test, nitric acid steam test, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, steam, steam aging testing, after testing hardware terminal cannot have oxidation and functional variation phenomenon. 6, packing: packing on behalf of the enterprise's image, so request packaging in the right direction, packing tray, clean and tidy and without damage, the label complete, correct and consistent inside and outside the tag number. In this paper, starting from the original, if reprint please indicate the source and the author
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