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Intelligent terminal box prevent condensation controller to explore

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Terminal hardware terminal intelligent terminal box/intelligent terminal box prevent condensation controller to research and experimental research, this paper puts forward a kind of intelligent outdoor terminal box prevent condensation control method, by inside and outside temperature and humidity information collected at the same time, the two set of intelligent information processing, draw a heater and fan control condition, achieve the goal of terminal box initiative to prevent condensation. Developed a complete set of intelligent roller test unit, and for a long period of time in more than one substation site test, obtained the good effect. Compared with traditional heating dehumidification device, this device directly control the dew point conditions in the cabinet, have good temperature and humidity control curve and the steady control performance; Using low power far infrared heater fan with low emissions control mode to replace the current widely used single electric heater, desiccant is fast, the temperature in the cabinet is small, short heating time, energy-saving effect is very significant.
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