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Interpretation of the automobile connector development trend: green, safe and connectivity

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Because the new energy vehicles is' green 'cars, so the connector also calls for green environmental protection. In terms of security, because the new energy automobile connector to withstand 250 a highest current, the ability of 600 v voltage, high standards of protection against electric shock demand is obvious. Under such a high power at the same time, the electromagnetic interference is another important issue. In addition, the connector plug operation can produce arc, it will seriously harm the electrical connections and electronic equipment, and may cause burning cars, this requires special design and development of the connector. New energy automobile connector to meet the requirements of the high performance mainly by strict design specifications, such as in the case of exposed to prevent the high pressure air breakdown, this needs to retain a certain air gap; In the case of high voltage large current, the temperature cannot exceed rating; To consider when choosing the shell material weight, strength and easy processing, and under different temperature the material how to maintain stability of the connector terminals, such as how to ensure the conductivity of the necessary require consideration. In terms of connectivity, due to the constant expansion of the car entertainment system, the importance of high speed data transmission function is increasingly outstanding. 'in some models, for example, reversing mirror installed on the camera head, can make the drivers have a broader field of vision, which requires the connector transmit more data. Sometimes need a connector at the same time solve the problem of transmission of GPS signal and radio signals, which need to improve their ability of data transmission. 'at the same time, the connector also need to bear high temperature, because the car engine is usually placed in front of a car, despite the firewall protection, but there will be some heat conduction, so the connector must be able to withstand high temperature. 'in addition to auto connectors' hard' requirements also embodies in his life. 'general connector of elastic element, the plug will lose efficacy after a certain number of times, so usually in 3 - life 5 years or so, and can use 10 years - in a car 20 years, so must automobile connector life and car life is equal, the requirement of the connector is high. ”
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