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Introduction of precision terminal stamping parts.


With the development of the electronics industry, the types and application scope of precision terminal stamping parts are gradually increasing, including PCB board terminal blocks, metal precision terminal stamping, spring terminal blocks, etc. Dongguan Fortuna Metals CO.,LTD can design and manufacture all kinds of connector terminals, housings, precision stamping parts, and metal drawing parts. Welcome to customize with drawings or samples. The following editor will introduce the stamping parts of precision terminals.

Precision terminals use copper as a conductive raw material, and its conductivity is second only to metal material silver. It has excellent electrical and physical properties, high strength, and is not easy to deform;


1. Touch structure design--The precision terminal adopts international/international universal plug-in type, spring type, rail type and other interface methods. The power line can be close to the metal conductive parts, and the touch is firm and not easy to loose take off.


2. Production and processing specifications-Using precision machining CNC lathes for production and processing, strictly control the quality of precision terminal products, reduce the production and processing specification deviation of precision terminals to the minimum control value, and carry out regular maintenance on the production and manufacturing molds, Maintenance to ensure the quality of each precision terminal manufactured.


3. Surface process treatment - In terms of the conductivity of metal materials, precision terminals are treated with electrolytic tin plating, which can ensure excellent touch characteristics and reduce loop resistance. In addition, tin also has excellent corrosion resistance; silver The conductivity is second only to copper, but it has reliability and good signal transmission characteristics, which can minimize signal loss.

precision terminal stamping parts

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