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Introduction of Progressive Die for Integrated Circuit Lead Frame

by:Fortuna     2021-04-25
The following is the collection of relevant information about the integrated circuit lead frame progressive die:    shows the high-performance level of integrated circuit lead frame progressive die, mainly including integrated circuit frame, transistor frame, discrete device frame grade injection mold, the mold is on the high-speed punching machine Used, punched copper strip with a thickness of 0.02mm, and automatically punched to form a lead frame. As a carrier lead frame for high-performance semiconductors and integrated circuits, it is characterized by a large number of leads, small leg spacing, and high precision. The punched-out products require no burrs at the plating.   Among the lead frame mold products independently developed in China, the largest number of lead legs is 128, the smallest spacing is only 0.09mm, and the frame with the largest number of rows has reached 8 rows. The mold level is equivalent to that of similar international molds. For example, a LQP48L lead frame progressive die manufactured by a mold industry Co., Ltd., 37 stations, manufacturing accuracy of 2μm, 3 rows of molds, punching 48 inner and outer lead legs in 12×12mm, the minimum spacing of 0.12mm, the plane of the product The degree is within 0.01mm. Its high-speed batch production performance and life are not inferior to similar international molds.
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