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Introduction of progressive die in stamping die.

Introduction of progressive die in stamping die.


The shape and size of stamping parts are realized by stamping dies. The accuracy of the die determines the accuracy of the stamping parts. Therefore, the stamping die is particularly important. It will be a huge advantage for stamping factories to have independent mold research and development capabilities. There are many types of stamping dies, and their functions are different. Today, we mainly introduce the lower-level advanced die. Next, the editor of Dongguan Fortuna Metals will introduce the lower-level advanced die to you.

Progressive die is a stamping die with many stations and high work efficiency, also known as continuous die. Stamping parts are gradually formed in the continuous process. Continuous forming is a processing method with centralized processes, which enables various processes such as trimming, notching, grooving, punching, forming, blanking, etc. to be carried out on a pair of molds. According to the specific needs of stamping parts, several stamping processes (which become stations in the progressive die) are allocated in a certain order to carry out continuous stamping. It can not only perform cold stamping process, but also have forming process and installation process. Many complicated stamping parts that need to be stamped in multiple processes can be completely formed on a pair of molds, which provides conditions for high-speed automatic stamping;

Because of the large number of progressive die stations, it is necessary to accurately handle the positioning of the strip or strip to ensure the quality of the stamping parts.

Progressive dies have higher production efficiency than single-process dies, reduce the total number of dies and machinery, and have higher precision in work, which is conducive to actual operation and automation technology. For stamping parts with very complicated or small hole margins, use When it is difficult to punch a simple die or a composite die, you can choose to use a progressive die to break through it gradually. However, the size of the progressive die contour is large, the production is complicated, and the cost is high. It is generally suitable for mass production of small and medium-sized stamping parts.

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