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Introduction of several kinds of stamping and drawing parts of different materials


The stamping and drawing parts produced by different materials are naturally different properties, including the strength, weight, corrosion resistance, price and other aspects of the product. The following can simply introduce the stamping parts of various materials for you.

1.stainless steel stamping and drawing parts

Stainless steel tensile parts have the characteristics of high strength, light weight, good wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, etc. This material tensile part does not need electroplating protection. Suitable for heat treatment, often used in automobile manufacturing fuel supply system, brake system, emission system, oxidation sensor and decorative parts.

2.low carbon steel stamping and drawing parts

Low carbon steel has excellent formability, stable molding size, high strength, light weight, and other characteristics (depending on the material grade), the disadvantage is that the corrosion resistance is relatively low, the need for post-treatment protection such as electroplating. It is often used in various parts and components in automobile manufacturing, especially high-strength mechanism parts.

3.aluminum alloy stamping and drawing parts

Aluminum alloy tensile parts are characterized by: light weight (almost 1/3 of low carbon steel), high strength, non-magnetic, rust, can be anodized to prevent corrosion, suitable for heat treatment and so on. It is commonly used in bulk units, energy storage units, beverage containers and pharmaceutical industries in automotive manufacturing and other industries.

4. copper alloy tensile parts

Copper alloy tensile parts, with forming size stability, corrosion resistance, good ductility, easy welding and other characteristics, the disadvantage is easy oxidation, because the price of copper alloy material is relatively expensive, so in the use of materials, to reduce waste, waste recycling can be used if necessary.

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