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Introduction Of Three Production Methods Of Automotive Stamping Parts


The three production methods of automotive stamping parts are continuous die stamping, multi-station stamping and series stamping, and the specific choice of which automotive stamping production method usually considers the material, material thickness, the difficulty of the shape of the stamping part and the monthly production quantity, the following is a brief introduction.

1.Three kinds of automotive stamping production methods

(1) The multi-station stamping method is to arrange the mold of the multi-process on a punching machine, and use the reciprocation of the punch slider to make the multiple pairs of molds installed on the machine tool, such as blanking, punching, bending, drawing, cutting, etc., move at the same time, and in a round-trip cycle, the workpiece is transferred from the previous station to the next station by the manipulator. Thus, a stamping process of a complete part is obtained. It can be divided into two and three dimensional manipulator handling methods.

(2) Series automation, consisting of a number of punches arranged in series to form a whole stamping production line, each punch mold corresponding to an independent forming process, the loading and unloading between the punches is completed by a robot - a stamping automation method. It is mainly suitable for product lines with small production requirements, few processing processes and relatively independent, and strong elastic production capacity.

(3) Continuous die refers to the press in a stamping stroke, the use of ribbon stamping raw materials, in a pair of molds with several different stations at the same time to complete multiple stamping processes of cold stamping die, die stamping is completed once, the material belt distance movement once, to the completion of the product.

2. choose the factors to consider in stamping automation

(1) Material

Material hardness and whether coils are needed.

(2) Material thickness

Punch specifications and matching considerations for the leveling feeder.

(3) Monthly production quantity

A large number of continuous molds can be used, general or less can be selected multi-station or series mode.

(4) The shape difficulty of the stamping product

Select the corresponding stamping automation mode according to the product design mold.

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