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Introduction to automatic lathe parts processing industry development prospects

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
Automatic lathe parts processing is the development of science and technology results in recent years. Many kinds of mechanical processing enterprises before the instrument lathe processing, need a lot of human resources. Dongguan giant's hardware factory is a professional engaged in metal stamping dongguan automatic lathe pieces of automatic processing enterprise. Different from general lathe automatic lathe pieces of processing, it is a kind of through the CAM drive control, to achieve automation effect of a CAM type special lathe. CAM type automatic lathe, has many years of history, the development of the original watch from Switzerland with all production parts, gradually developed into the feeding machine, Japan in the development of automatic lathe also played a big role, their production of high precision automatic lathe, the improvement of machining accuracy has an indelible contribution. So far, many mainland machinery processing enterprises still use the table instrument lathe in processing machinery parts. This instrument lathe although cheap, but need a lot of manpower to operate, its capacity is low, the machining accuracy is not high, for large quantities of small parts processing, processing efficiency is not high, the machining accuracy can not reach, high Labour costs, the benefit of the enterprise nature also cannot mention high automatic lathe processing, as a kind of small parts of processing machinery, relative to the table instrument lathe, high degree of automation, for example, when processing small copper pieces, an operator can both operands automatic lathes, almost can achieve long unmanned operation. Automatic lathe instrument lathe pieces per minute capacity can be table several times, the processing is very suitable for small parts. Since science and technology development to produce in addition to the automatic lathe, dongguan machinery processing industry develops very fast. Since the past few years, dongguan automatic lathe parts manufacturing processing aimed at the mechanical processing industry, the prospect of development of machine manufacturing cost reduction, improve the manufacturing quality, automatic lathe in dongguan, China have mushroomed, bitter fleabane bitter fleabane vigorously developed. Giant's hardware factory in dongguan is also growing in this broad prospects. A: stainless steel stamping parts is produced by processing production
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