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Introduction to China's metal stamping processing industry three questions

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Mainly talks about the metal stamping processing industry in China's three metal products industry after more than 30 years of reform and opening up, shows a tendency of rapid development, corporate ownership began to give priority to with private, companies began to guangdong, zhejiang, jiangsu, Shanghai, shandong and other earlier regional focus, market economy development in these areas the government began to realize the development of characteristic industry is helpful for the government to increase fiscal revenue, is advantageous to the industry structure optimization, is advantageous to the local people of employment and increase their income, conducive to the healthy development of regional economy, industry base and make great effort characteristics. According to the title of 'China's hardware industry characteristic regional management method named' ( Amendments) The naming way to differentiate: existing Chinese hardware products of the three, namely: China locks ( Wenzhou) The valves are (and Yuhuan) The buttons are (and The bridge) ; Is China's hardware industry base 8, namely: China hardware industry base, Siu lam) , China ( Nozzle) The faucet production base, stainless steel products production base in China, New) , China ( Wenzhou) Metal case lighter production base, China ( Wenzhou) Razor production base, China hardware products ( Yuyao) Production base, China's export tool production base ( Jinhua) , wire mesh industry base in China ( Anping) ; Is the hometown of China national metals ( Town) Three, namely: the countryside of China zipper ( The bridge) , the hometown of China national metals ( Yongkang) The hardware town (and Cityof) 。 According to mould network CEO luo hui investigation, discover China metal stamping industry the following main problems: one, the low degree of specialization, not form scale, poor economic benefit metal stamping parts compared with the host, the enterprise work required to establish the initial capital technology is relatively small, has several economic development period, a group of private enterprises have mushroomed, but due to the market demand point, small batch, more not form scale economy. Most hardware production enterprise itself is large or conveniently small, low degree of specialization, equipment level is not high, the quality is not stable, low economic benefits. Such as the motor industry in our country three big backbone enterprise of micro motor 50% less than a famous foreign company. Nearly two years, our country local built thousands of stamping plant, but only a few annual output of more than 300000, the main products for agricultural machinery. While Germany rexroth company annual output of 1. 3 million pieces of all kinds of stamping products, Japan's oil research ( Plant) Annual output of more than 600000. Mold enterprise industrial developed countries per capita output value is about 150000-200000 dollars, only 40000 ~ 50000 yuan in China. Luo hui pointed out that, in recent years, with many kinds of ownership develop together policy implementation, hardware industry is experiencing the process from scattered to gradually set intensive development. Second, insufficient capital investment, scientific research and development strength weak hardware industry in the late 1970 s and early 80 s was earlier introduced a number of advanced foreign technology, but for digestion, absorption, lack sufficient hardware and software. According to foreign experience, the introduction of technology and the funds required for the digestion and absorption ratio is about 1:7, and our country to meet late, digestion, absorption, pace is slow. Competition in the market, in fact, technical strength. Abroad are of the utmost importance to this and are increasing investment, occupation technical commanding heights. Each big famous company for scientific research and development funds are 4% ~ 5% of its sales, key areas of 10%. At present our country although there are a number of institutions of higher learning in the scientific research work, a lot of theoretical research, scientific research achievements, patents, papers are quite high level, but not tight integration with the actual production, particularly slow to shift into commodities. Three, raw materials and related technology behind because of the fasteners, chains, springs, bearings, mold and other products used by the domestic steel quality is poor, less variety specification, directly affects the quality of stamping products. Mechanical components are generally in a batch, a large number of production, also have many varieties, high processing precision products, production technology and the equipment requirement is high, so the investment is big. Abroad with high efficiency and high precision machinery, flexible production line or lines, efficient automated production. But some basic thing in our country enterprise, subject to the limit of the capital, the investment is not large, enterprise ability to reinvent is poor, less does not form a complete set of advanced equipment, affect the product the quality grade. A: on the discharge form of metal stamping parts
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