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Introduction to the advantages and characteristics of hardware fine blanking technology

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
The blanking process to improve the quality and dimensional accuracy of the cutting surface of the blanking part is called fine blanking. The secondary processing of ordinary blanking parts is generally called finishing, which is divided into trimming and squeezing. The popularization and application of precision stamping parts fine-blanking technology in some factories that have simple shapes, only partially need fine-blanking, small size, small output, and no special fine-blanking equipment, can also achieve good technical and economic benefits and have a good development. prospect. The application industries of fine blanking technology include automobiles, motorcycles, computers, video recorders, communication equipment, aircraft manufacturing, home appliances, office machinery, optical components, and so on. There are nearly 8,000 kinds of parts produced by fine blanking, and about 50% to 60% of fine blanking parts are used in the automotive industry, such as turbochargers, brakes, gearboxes, seat belts, seats, air conditioners, compressors, etc. The spirit of the strong press plate adopts different structures of strong press plates to carry out the precision blanking (FB) of blanking, reverse topping and blanking, including: the fine blanking technology and comparative The less-used precision blanking method of band sawtooth pressing plate, tapered pressing plate, and boss-shaped pressing plate, etc. The opposite die fine blanking uses the principle of plane cutting, and uses the corresponding upper and lower pairs of punches and dies to punch in stages according to the specified degree. It is a fine blanking technology that was invented by the Japanese in 1968 and has been promoted for production in Japan. It is also used in the country but has not been popularized. Double movement and reciprocating fine blanking have not been promoted and applied. In the production of various electromechanical and home appliance stamping parts on site, the actual needs and the number of blanking parts that can be used for overall fine blanking are limited. Moreover, a considerable part of the punching parts only need local fine blanking, especially if only a small part of the group hole and group slot hole is fine punched, it is more economical to apply ordinary press fine blanking technology; for only local fine blanking to obtain high-precision hole shape The inner shape or part of the outer shape of the blanking parts with a distance between the holes, no burrs, and a smooth and smooth cutting surface can be smoothly punched to meet the requirements. Features of hardware fine-blanking technology: 1. Continuous fine-blanking technology is a new process that combines extrusion, continuous die design, die precision machining and servo stamping technology. 2. Most fine blanking parts are processed by CNC milling, grinding and other mechanical technicians, electrical machining, or sintering forming + mechanical technicians, or stamping (die casting) + mechanical technicians. But through fine blanking technology, under the premise of ensuring quality, processing time can be greatly reduced, processing costs are reduced, and conventional mechanical processing can be replaced. 3. Fine blanking molds have extremely high requirements on the quality of the processed surface of the mold. To achieve the quality of the cut surface of the mirror, the relevant mold parts also need to be mirror processed. 4. Through the fine blanking technology, the plate is processed into a complex three-dimensional shape, which can reduce material costs, improve production efficiency, and shorten the delivery cycle. 5. Hard materials can be punched without broken section. Recommended article: Improving the durability of the die and extending the service life of the die Previous post: Specific requirements for the stamping process of metal materials
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