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Introduction to the characteristics of automation equipment for the production of metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
The most important equipment in the processing of metal stamping parts is the press. The press includes two methods of manual loading and unloading and automatic loading and unloading. Automatic loading and unloading equipment is more professional and more productive than manual loading equipment; With the development, modern hardware stamping parts manufacturers continue to improve electrical control technology, and stamping automation technology has also been developed rapidly. Stamping automation technology in stamping automation equipment requires high control performance and fast dynamic response, and most of them include multi-axis motion. Controlled servo technology, 1. The mechanical mechanism of the automatic stamping equipment for metal stamping parts is mainly composed of a wire feeding trolley, a destacking beam, a bracket, a destacking machine, a magnetic separator, a cleaning machine, a scanner, a centering station, and five Manipulator and thread tail belt mechanism; 2. The electrical control adopts PLC control. The PC controller of GUDEL is based on WINDOWS and PC soft PLC. The motion control of the controller and each axis is based on a completely digital concept and vector control. AC servo motor-based; 3. Compared with the ordinary pressure double-layer network, the automated integrated network is more complicated. This is not only reflected in the increase of network nodes, but also the addition of a 'dual-channel' transmission mode Article recommendation: Hot melt adhesive nose aluminum strip manufacturer hardware Previous: Hot melt adhesive nose aluminum strip manufacturer—hardware
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