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Introduction to the stamping die industry in our country the present stage new characteristics

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
Modern mold is components manufacturing process equipment, is a high and new technology is still the carrier of technology, carrying out diversified market demand of industrial products production, is the key technology of parts design and manufacturing production node, high correlation, involve wide. Die mold due to the use of industry mass production parts with high production efficiency, high consistency, low energy supplies, and have higher precision and complexity, so they are widely used in machinery, electronics, automotive, information, aerospace, aviation, light industry, military industry, traffic, building materials, medical treatment, biological, energy and other manufacturing areas. Mould as a piece of manufacturing products, the production process of precision manufacturing, computer technology, intelligent control and green manufacturing is a body, is not only the carrier of new and high technology, and high-tech products, mould is digital application is not only the manufacturing process, digital from order to delivery of mould products at the same time to deliver the digital process design, process, analysis, its content is the earliest, most comprehensive, most systems use digital manufacture technology. Is also a system engineering, the comprehensive reflection of the integrated innovation ability, is an integrated high, mold and molding process integration products ( Mold, molding, stamping laser one even mould tapping on the mold parts is one of the direction) , modern mould has been involved in product appearance design, structural design, design through the mould design, structural design, programming, design, etc. To respond, implementation. For the forming of new materials, new technology of energy-saving materials saving product parts to meet the needs of the market in the role of the important basic technology and equipment, as is known to all, 90% of the 95% of car parts, home appliance parts for mold parts, IT such as consumer electronics, electrical appliances, packaging and other industries of 80% of the parts are made by mould, gestated by high-end technology to our country economic development, national defense modernization and service plays a very important supporting role. In this period of green manufacturing, mold in alternative plating process, with plastic with wood, such as plastic with metal manufacturing also play an important role. Die for manufacturing industry, high correlation of the people's livelihood, wide range, with the diversification of market demand, mould as HuanXing, put on high frequency equipment to ensure that new products and more feel the pull of the market. Today, the mold industry in the upstream and downstream extension at the same time, China mold and die in the international mold purchase cost-effective advantages, plays a more and more important role in the international stage. With the development of molding technology of mold and molding equipment integration put forward higher request, make the mould of companies involved in molding equipment and product research and development, manufacture. A: metal stamping
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