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Is there a difference between a turning-milling composite CNC machine and a CNC machining center?


The turning-milling composite CNC machine is also called the turning-milling composite machining center. It uses the combined motion of the milling cutter rotation and the workpiece rotation to realize the cutting processing of the workpiece, so that the workpiece can be used in many aspects such as shape accuracy, position accuracy, and processed surface integrity. An advanced cutting method required. The machining center is a CNC milling machine with a tool magazine. In fact, we can see the difference between the two from the basic definition. In addition, they have the following differences:

1. The machining center is mainly for milling. The turning-milling composite CNC machine tool does not simply combine the two processing methods of turning and milling into one machine tool, but uses the combined turning and milling motion to complete the processing of various surfaces. It is in today's CNC A new cutting theory and cutting technology produced under the conditions of greater technological development. So not only can milling but also turning.

2. Machining centers are divided into three-axis, four-axis, and five-axis. The turning-milling composite CNC machine tool is also called a five-axis dual-power head machining center. There are many types of machining centers and a wide range of uses.

The above is the difference between a turning-milling compound CNC machine tool and a machining center. Do you understand?

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