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Jiangmen hardware stamping parts, what are the raw material properties of stamping parts + hundreds of precision processing production equipment

by:Fortuna     2021-04-18
The stamping technician in charge of the hardware of the Jiangmen metal stamping parts manufacturer said that the raw material properties of the metal stamping parts have the following knowledge, the following hardware masters will take everyone to understand:    1. Chemical analysis, metallographic inspection and analysis of materials The content of chemical elements determines the level and uniformity of the material's grain size, evaluates the level of free cementite, band-like structure and non-metallic inclusions in the material, and checks the material for shrinkage, porosity and other defects.  2. Material inspection   The materials of stamping parts are mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled sheet metal materials. The raw materials of metal stamping parts should have quality certificates, which ensure that the materials meet the specified technical requirements. When there is no quality certificate or due to other reasons, the metal stamping parts factory can select raw materials for re-inspection as needed.  3. Formability test    Perform bending test and cupping test on the material to determine the work hardening index and plastic strain ratio of the material. In addition, the steel plate formability test method can be carried out in accordance with the thin steel plate formability and test method.  4. Hardness testing    The hardness testing of metal stamping parts adopts Rockwell hardness tester. Small stamping parts with complex shapes can be tested with other testing instruments. Hardware, 15 years of focusing on Jiangmen metal stamping parts, 20,000+ sets of customized stamping die production experience, monthly processing capacity of 100+ sets of molds, hundreds of precision processing production equipment, daily production capacity of 3 million punches, and silk-like stamping accuracy up to 0.01 mm, the raw materials are imported and the original national standard factory, and 16 quality inspections are strictly controlled. It can quickly solve time-critical problems for you, solve stamping accuracy problems, and solve production quality problems. Choose, choose rest assured!
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