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Key points of stainless steel drawing processing (two)

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Due to the performance characteristics of stainless steel material, the raw material requirements of stainless steel drawing die are higher than that of ordinary carbon steel drawing die. The most important thing is to focus on the surface finish of the product after stretching. As long as the smoothness is ensured, the product molding is more stable. In addition to applying drawing oil, mold raw materials and subsequent mold processing are also very important. Generally, chromium molybdenum alum is used as the raw material of the mold. After the rough machining of the mold, the vacuum furnace must be used for heat treatment. The deformation of the vacuum furnace will be smaller during the heat treatment. The hardness of the chromium molybdenum is high after the heat treatment. The difficulty of subsequent finishing increases, and it is not conducive to ensuring the accuracy of the mold. Therefore, vacuum furnace heat treatment is necessary. After the heat treatment is completed, the polishing process is very important during the finishing process. The smoothness of the mold depends largely on manual polishing. The quantity is large, and the mold requires a lot of punching times. TD surface hardening treatment should be carried out after polishing. The Dongguan area currently does not have TD treatment usually go to Tianjin or Jiangsu. The general price of TD treatment is between 70-90 yuan per kilogram. Some large drawing molds are hundreds of kilograms or even thousands of kilograms, so the cost of TD processing is very high. All in all, heat treatment, drawing oil, finishing polishing, TD, are all work done around the mold finish and wear resistance. Which method is used is determined according to product requirements. This article is provided by stamping Previous article: Talking about the main points of stainless steel drawing parts processing (1)
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