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Kovar Alloy Ring: A Stamping Technology Alternative To CNC Machining



For those who work in the metal stamping  industry, they are deeply aware of the huge differences between stamping technology and CNC machining technology in terms of material selection,

production processes, and subsequent processing. The biggest difference between the two is the appearance of the product and regarding processing characteristics, products made using CNC processing technology are usually closed,

non-spliced integral products, but their processing methods are not as convertible as stamping technology. Next, I will introduce to you a unique stamping technology that can completely replace CNC processing - Kovar stamping technology.

Kovar stamping technology is an efficient and precise stamping processing method that can effectively improve product production efficiency and quality. 

It adopts advanced kovar alloy ring technology and precision punching equipment, which can complete the punching process in a very short time, greatly shortening the processing cycle.

At the same time, the precision stamping method used to produce this kind of Kovar alloy ring is completely comparable to the precision of CNC machining, especially for the processing efficiency of oxygen-free copper, aluminum alloy, 

iron-nickel alloy, Kovar alloy and other relatively sticky materials. It will be dozens of times higher.

Features of Kovar stamping technology:

1.The tolerance of Kovar sealing ring parts produced with Kovar alloy ring technology can be guaranteed to be within ±0.02mm, and the product surface is smooth and burr-free;

2.The Kovar continuous die uses cold extrusion to ensure uniform production size standards and a smooth and burr-free surface.

Kovar alloy ring technology can produce closed alloy ring frames for glass packaging. The material is generally Kovar alloy. 

The surface of the product has no sagging corners and no burrs. Moreover, the product can be as thin as 0.3mm and can be applied to most applications. Application of similar products;

3.The production method of packaging kovar alloy rings is continuous mold cold extrusion. The production precision can be guaranteed to be ±0.02mm and the production speed can reach 100 pieces/minute.

If iron-nickel alloy wire is used for production, the material utilization rate can reach more than 55%.

Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of production and manufacturing experience in the metal stamping industry. 

It also has an engineering development team with rich mold experience, which can currently meet the development and production of various types of kovar alloy rings.

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