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Large stamping parts processing factory production will face some problems

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
With the development of the society, the new car production, at the same time accompanied by stamping parts of large-scale industry, and quality improvement, stamping parts processing factory production conditions of problems also gradually increased, mainly there are a few points; A large, stamping production load problem, according to the scale of production, according to the existing conditions, large stamping production load problem, will be intensified after all these years, far beyond the scope of production capacity, small stamping parts processing factory if there is no large stamping parts production ability, you will need to increase stamping production line to solve the problem. 2, as the market automobile metal stamping parts products quality requirements improve, stamping plant is an urgent need to improve stamping parts quality assurance ability, improve the production efficiency, reduce production cost, etc. , on the premise of stamping parts quality assurance, and ensure that from raw materials preparation and stamping production, warehousing logistics, and other aspects of comprehensive layout, change, improve the production conditions, enhance the management level; Three, shortage of facilities stamping equipment, high-end commercial vehicle production has increased, not only improved the stamping of large pieces of the production load, demand for the press tonnage than current levels, the current enterprise zui big press tonnage rating of 1600 t, zui, more than 2200 t large actual demand of combining the reality of the factory, comprehensive market size, need to introduce greater tonnage press equipment, define zui large tonnage rating in 2400 t; Four, stamping parts production efficiency is low, the worker labor intensity big, etc.
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