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Layout design of multi-station progressive die used in stamping parts processing

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Stamping parts processing plants, processing metal stamping parts, mechanical parts stamping parts, today briefly talk about the impact of the multi-station progressive die layout design used in stamping parts processing on the mold design; first, the layout design is multi-station level One of the keys to the mold design. Whether the layout drawing is optimized or not is not only related to the utilization rate of the material, the accuracy of the workpiece, the difficulty of mold manufacturing and the service life, but also the coordination and stability of the mold stations. The layout design is carried out on the basis of the analysis of the stamping process of the metal stamping parts. When determining the layout drawing, first calculate the unfolded size according to the drawing of the stamping part, and then carry out various methods of layout. When determining the layout method, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze and judge the stamping direction of the workpiece, the number of deformations, the type of deformation process, the corresponding degree of deformation and the possibility of mold structure, mold processing technology, and actual processing capabilities of the enterprise. At the same time, after comprehensively considering the accuracy of the workpiece and whether the progressive stamping production can be carried out smoothly, choose the best plan from several layout methods. The complete layout drawing should show the layout of the workstations, the carrier structure and related dimensions. 2. After the layout design of the strip material is completed, the number of stations and the content of each station of the metal stamping die; the arrangement and sequence of the various processes of the workpiece to be punched, the arrangement of the workpiece; the feeding of the metal stamping die The step distance, the width of the strip and the utilization rate of the material; the way of guiding the material, the setting of the ejector and the arrangement of the guide pin; the basic structure of the metal stamping mold is basically determined. Therefore, layout design is an important content of multi-station progressive die design, one of the basis of mold structure design, and one of the main factors that determine the pros and cons of multi-station progressive die design. Article recommendation: What is the reason for the cracking of the cover part when the stamping parts processing plant is formed? Previous post: What are the principles that should be followed in layout design in stamping parts processing?
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