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Linear motor shell mold structure

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Stamping die is the main process equipment, stamping processing linear motor shell is depends on the relative motion of upper and lower die to complete. Die main parts as follows: 1. Parts: including punch, blade, bending modulus linear motor shell mold working parts are directly make the blank shape of parts, the material quality to decide the degree of precision products. Therefore, it is the key to mold parts. Linear motor shell not only precision and complex mould work part, it should meet the following requirements: ( 1) Should have sufficient strength, can not be in the process of stamping rupture or damage; ( Fine blanking parts should be designed for small under the big, to ensure its strength) 。 ( 2) The selection of material and heat treatment of the material should be requirements, prevent high hardness and brittle; ( 3) Need technology and experience, and effective maintenance and installation standard. The working parts of the linear motor shell mold line cutting machining surface finish is PG is poor, the service life of parts inferior compared to the grinding process. Thus shape the rules need grinding machine processing, the irregular shape need PG processing. PG can change inner hole machining for contour machining, reduce the demand for equipment processing capacity, and easy to replace damaged parts, mold material saving. Must be noticed when the assembly parts cleaning and assembly technique, prevent after finishing the accumulative error. 2. Pressure/stripping parts material parts including insert, floating piece, top material pieces and in linear motor shell mould pressing and continuous motion, strip because after blanking, bending, deep drawing after deformation, the strip thickness direction will have different height of bending and protuberant, in order to smooth the feeding belt, has been formed of material must be in order and in a timely manner from in from bumps and bending parts of convex concave mold wall and slightly high above the work surface. International pressure, to guarantee the accuracy of the blanking position, strip material must be before cutting, bending down, to prevent the material to move or bounce.
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