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Main applications of wood plastic profile products

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
1: building construction materials: indoor and outdoor flooring, fence, building templates, moisture barrier and stair board, handrails, door window frame, the platform, buildings, road plate, log cabin and so on. 2: application: car door decorating plate, plate, seat, instrument panel, armrest and seat base, roof, etc. 3: the application of logistics: various specifications of the transport pallets and export packing tray, warehouse pad plate, all kinds of packing and transport of glass shelves, etc. 4: in landscape application: a variety of Settings, tables and chairs, outdoor garden railings and decorating plate, flower POTS, outdoor flooring, litter bin, etc. Article 5: indoor decoration aspect application: all kinds of decoration, decorating plate, frame, curtain rod, curtain and decoration, Venetian blinds, ceiling, wall, etc. 6: other: field, the cabin partition table, the train or truck body floor, toys, storage tank, the highway sound insulation board, activities, etc. A: metal stamping parts of wide application field
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