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Making stamping parts which stamping processing materials commonly used?

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
Making stamping to ready the basis of the first two aspects, one is stamping processing materials, 2 it is stamping process involved in the process of actual operation poured a lot of material, each has different characteristics, so at the time of making stamping to attention. The commonly used ones are a kind of material is ordinary manufacture stamping processing, is a steel cylinder and the continuous rolling through cold rolling mill, due to the material's surface without any protection, so when it is exposed to the air be oxidized easily, so try to paint before making stamping, plating or other protective. Second, galvanized steel plate stamping processing material selection object, its substrate for the common cold rolled steel coil, but after continuous electric galvanizing production line after degreasing, pickling, electroplating, and various post-processing. So it not only has the general mechanical properties of cold-rolled steel sheet and the approximation of workability, and has a superior corrosion resistance and decorative appearance. Hot dip galvanized steel, by contrast, the stamping processing material hardness than the average of galvanized steel plate should be a lot of, but also needs to improve ductility, as well as poor zinc layer thicker, electric welding defects. There is a stamping processing material application is common, it is stainless steel, its performance must be needless to introduce. On stamping material separation or forming process, the thickness of the sheet metal change is very small, so its internal organization also does not produce change, this is one of the characteristics of a stamping process. And the process of the production efficiency is very high, it is easy to realize mechanization and automation of production. Due to the stamping parts made of size, smooth surface, so usually don't have to carry on the processing or only machining can be used according to need to supplement. From small to large workpiece, can use stamping process to molding, make the shape more complex stamping parts.
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