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Male female connector terminal function

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
The function of the connector is mainly depends on the terminal of telecommunications from one system to another circuit system, so the male female connector adapter, shall ensure that male female terminal accordingly and have an excellent electrical conductivity. In addition to housing, by the male female seat & amp; Shell parts such as the male female terminal fall in the correct position of each other, still must ensure that contact between male female terminal positive force is large enough, enough to make the telecommunications through contact, if contact positive force is insufficient, the contact surface of the micro is only a tiny point contact condition, sporadic small point contact alone, the impedance value may be too big to a few ohms, cause too great a potential drop, to derail the receiver cannot handle. Gold-plated surface usually have lower hardness and electrical conductivity of gold, so contact the positive force of 20 gf can rest easy, but the designer must have the concept of tolerance, not to design the nominal value at 20 gf and Suggestions in around 40 gf. Because the general I/O connector plug life in thousands of times, it represents terminal when supplied with elastic deformation to must do at the end of the plug resistance test retains the appropriate contact positive forces, in terminal on select material, C5210 than C5191 is not easy to tame. In addition, the terminal of the contact zone of gold plated film thickness must also be able to withstand abrasion of thousands of times, usually, must be resistant to 5000 times the butt plug connection. Connected to the module. Gold-plated are 30 micro - in contact area 英寸的最小值。 。 In order to make the connector whole insertion force is not too big, lest cause terminal use conveniently and even were the top back, top down, must pay attention to terminal guided by the front end slope is too steep, the general design under 40 degree Angle.
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