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Male female connector terminals and benefits

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
CONNECTOR, the CONNECTOR. Also known as connectors, plug and socket at home. Generally refers to the electrical connector. Which connect two of the active components, transmission current or signal. Connector can be seen everywhere in our life, we often use the data line, for example, computer line, also is one of the connector, connector for mutual matching are male female, so how to distinguish? 1, plug party, Out of joint) For the head, jack party, Dents joint) As a mother. 2, from the appearance of the shape to distinguish, the head pointed part of the general public terminals, head for the general round hole as a mother terminals. 3, can be of different sizes to distinguish: general head for female head, head is small for the head. The benefits of using connectors 1, improve the production process: connector simplify the assembly process of electronic products. Also simplifies the production process; 2, easy to repair: if an electronic components failure, can quickly change the failure components when equipped with a connector; 3, easy to upgrade: as technology advances, equipped with a connector can be updated when the components, with a new, more sophisticated components instead of the old; 4, improving the flexibility of design: use a connector to the engineers in the design and integration of new products, and use the components of system, the more flexibility.
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