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Manufacturer of automotive metal stamping parts, design principles + focus on quality and careful crafting is not expensive

by:Fortuna     2021-04-10
Regarding the design principles of stamping parts processing, the technical staff of the automotive metal stamping parts manufacturer has something to say. Xiaoshuo has collected some relevant information. Let’s take a look at it below: (1) The stamping parts designed must meet the requirements of the product. And technical performance, and can be easy to assemble and repair. (2) The designed stamping parts should be beneficial to improve the utilization rate of metal materials, reduce the variety and specifications of materials, and reduce the consumption of materials as much as possible. Use low-cost materials where permitted, and make the parts as waste-free and waste-less as possible. (3) The designed stamping parts should be simple in shape and reasonable in structure, so as to simplify the mold structure and simplify the number of processes, that is, use fewer and simpler stamping processes to complete the processing of the entire part, and reduce the use of other methods to process. It is conducive to the stamping operation and facilitates the organization of mechanized and automated production to improve labor productivity. (4) The designed stamping parts, under the condition of ensuring normal use, try to make the dimensional accuracy level and surface roughness level lower, and it is conducive to product interchange, reducing waste and ensuring product quality. (5) The designed stamping parts should be conducive to the use of existing equipment, process equipment and process flow as much as possible to process them, and to extend the service life of the die. Hardware, 15 years of ingenuity focused on metal stamping parts processing, one-to-one customized parts tracking service, 20,000+ sets of stamping die customization production experience, monthly 100+ sets of mold processing capacity, hundreds of precision processing production equipment, daily production of 3 million punches Production capacity, the stamping accuracy can reach 0.01mm, the raw materials are imported and the original national standard factory, and 16 quality inspections are strictly controlled. It can quickly solve time-critical problems for you, solve stamping accuracy problems, and solve production quality problems. Choose, choose to rest assured!
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