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Many automotive stamping parts manufacturers did not pay attention to the problem, we have to discuss

by:Fortuna     2021-01-30
Said a lot of automotive stamping parts manufacturers in the stamping process, often appear product scrap exorbitant phenomenon, this situation is not only increase the cost of production and not very much energy conservation and environmental protection. Automotive stamping parts manufacturers now competition is intense, profit margins are compressed, if stamping scrap rate is very high, may cause more losses. So solve the problem of automobile stamping scrap rate is too high, it is very important. To solve this problem, the home page to know what is the cause of high rejection rate? Today and you talk about the problem: first, raw material quality is not qualified raw material quality is the first condition of processing of qualified automotive stamping parts, if the raw material hardness, the surface is not in conformity with the quality requirements, such as the stamping scrap rate would be high. If the unqualified raw materials, can appear the phenomenon such as crack, damage. So, automotive stamping parts manufacturers in the purchase of raw materials, not covet is cheap, must find a trustworthy supply the formal material suppliers, and often can't change the material and the qualified suppliers. Second, unqualified stamping die stamping die installation does not conform to the specifications, resulting in stamping process upper die and lower die not good cooperate, caused a high rejection rate. Stamping die is the basis of processing stampings, in guarantee under the premise of mould is no problem, the installation is very important. Don't feel like installation of stamping die is very simple, even minor error can lead to production of stamping parts is waste. Installing a stamping die, concentricity, the clearance of lower die, flatness and so on all play a crucial role. 3, mold wear automobile stamping parts stamping die processing in the course of long-term use, a worn or loose accessories, will also be discarded. There are a lot of stamping factory, in did not installed after the mold to produce mould for routine inspection and maintenance, the burr is bigger when the mould will be removed a simple knife mouth. Little imagine, mould wear is not only a blade wear, and some die parts will appear wear away, with using these parts after wear and tear, will affect the precision of the mould. Four, non-standard stamping operator operates workers in the operation of the press, not according to the production of standardized operation strictly, or feeding mistakes, appear even rushed, etc; Five, the positioning device is not accurate because of the stamping die stamping parts need each style is different, all, concrete reason and concrete analysis. When a stamping scrap rate is too high, please find out why, from the five aspects maximum possible to eliminate these factors, guarantee the quality of products' Relevant recommendation 】 Details: how much do you know the new energy automotive stamping parts? Details: sharing details of stamping processing industry: precision metal stamping parts figure how to draw, please be aware that this several steps
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