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Master the several methods of metal stamping parts to remove burrs

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
Metal stamping parts production, processing, after the outline areas prone to burr ( Part of the plastic 'front') 。 Once appear, burr will affect stamping product size precision, appearance. In order to ensure the quality of metal stamping parts production, after the completion of all machining increase deburring process has become one of the necessary process. Different kinds of processing, product burr shape is different. If only some deburring methods are difficult to meet all the requirements. Therefore, different methods of deburring process, arises at the historic moment. Today the little author and everyone introduce several methods to remove burrs: a, artificial to divide this method is very common in small and medium-sized enterprises. Using artificial play burr without special equipment, tools, as long as a file or sand paper, workers also without professional training mount guard. Because is not suitable for mass production, complex structure can't remove, plus now domestic labor costs increased, this method have been replaced will slowly disappear. Second, a specific mould based on the characteristics of parts design special mold to remove burrs. However, considering the mold cost and the impact on the product, usually only suitable for simple and size requirements of parts used. But it is more efficient, relative artificial. Three, grinding, vibration method through professional deburring equipment to remove burrs. This method of small parts, mass work wonders. Special equipment principle can be divided into: vibration grinding, sandblasting, roller, etc. Four, rapid freezing principle is largely by cooling the burr brittle, and then through the sand blasting, vibration and other methods to remove ( And on ways to cooperate more) 。 However, need a quick-freeze parts by special equipment. Because its price is more expensive equipment, generally not less than 300000. Many companies from five, the main principle is through the high temperature heat explosion method will be melt, burr in order to remove burrs. Because of the need to flammable gas instantaneous detonation temperature was achieved by after processing. Because of the way to achieve special, the price of the device itself is not cheap. Only commonly used in high precision parts, such as aviation, aircraft parts, etc. Six, discharge method similar to electric spark machining equipment, through the instant high temperature melting or gasification burr. However, because of why there is not qualitative, therefore the workpiece itself is easy to corrode. Because of special technology, can remove burrs that are used outside the work complex. Seven, high pressure water by water cannons to scour of artifacts, through the nozzle powerful moment to remove burrs. But is only suitable for solid deformation products. Eight, ultrasonic method, ultrasonic similar to division to achieve deburring cleaning. However, this method is only suitable for the product accuracy requirement is very high, burr belongs to the microscopic level, may need through a magnifying glass or microscope to observe. 【 Relevant recommendation 】 Details: how much do you know the new energy automotive stamping parts? Details: sharing details of stamping processing industry: precision metal stamping parts figure how to draw, please be aware that this several steps
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