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Material selection of stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
Requirements: material selection of stamping parts stamping properties of the materials used and stamping production very closely, and its properties directly affect the quality of stamping process design, stamping and product service life, also affect organizational equilibrium production and stamping production cost. In selected stamping materials, want to consider using performance, not only should also satisfies the requirement of stamping process for processing and subsequent performance. The basic requirement of stamping process on the material as follows. 1, has the good stamping formability for molding process, such as tensile, bending, such as poor play period and convex hull, materials should have good punch forming property, which should have good cracking resistance, good post mode and setting, otherwise the product easy to produce, such as deformation and rupture caused by the difficulty of repairing mold. For the separation process, insist on material has a certain plastic. 2, with high surface quality of the material surface should be bright and clean level off, without defect. Good surface quality materials, not easy broken when molding, not easy to scratch the mold, the surface quality of parts. 3, material thickness tolerance should comply with the national standards for certain mold clearance applies only to a certain thickness range of the material, if material thickness tolerance is too big; Not only directly affect the quality of the parts, can also lead to waste. In the calibration curve, processes such as plastic, likely due to the thickness is too much deviation caused by mould or the damage of the press. The development direction of the previous: plastic wood materials is introduced
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