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Matters needing attention in the processing process of automobile stamping parts

Matters needing attention in the processing process of automobile stamping parts


With the development of society and technology, there are more and more types and demands of automotive stamping parts, and product design and development are becoming more and more important. In order to obtain stamping parts with good quality and good price and improve the market competitiveness of products, we need to pay attention to many points when we formulate the process flow of stamping parts for automobiles. The following are for your reference.


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1. Drawing design should be fine, detailed and accurate


2. The detailed list must be in full conformity with the actual situation


3. Mold acceptance cannot be sloppy


4. Product trial installation and sample production must be able to find problems


5. Check the code of the product carefully


6. Small batch trial production should be considered comprehensively


7. Make sure nothing goes wrong in mass production


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