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Matters should be paid attention to in the process of stamping parts production and processing

by:Fortuna     2020-04-28
Stamping production belongs to material forming technology, is in recent years the emergence of a new method of metal cold deformation processing. It is one of the main method of metal plastic processing. In stamping production, people use traditional or special power of stamping stamping equipment, material to make use of pressure deformation, and then use the mold of the parts for deformation of metal surface has a certain size. So wuxi stamping manufacturer in production, need to pay attention to what problem, make the following professional manufacturer in detail for us! Should be paid attention to in the stamping production, under the condition of normal use or use press mould and other engineering equipment. This effectively prevent the strip in the right position or booking in advance clearance transport by us. We, ah, to ensure that all parts of fastening. In the stamping production, do not change the installation position of stamping die. Once they change, they will scratch or crush the workpiece surface. In this way, the quality of the workpiece is affected by the large. Another point is that, in preparation of raw materials, must comply with the technical specifications, pay attention to the accurate measurement of granularity of raw materials, strict raw material inspection and CARDS. At the same time, in the production of stamping parts, must be earnest, regularly check the grinding tool and some punch, prevent due to long-term operation of work piece and orientation of the wear and tear. In the production of stamping parts strictly comply with all relevant preventive measures, avoid unnecessary loss.
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