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Medical wire terminal crimping dimensions and appearance requirements

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Medical wire terminals is to facilitate the installation, convenient maintenance, to ensure that the equipment can work normally in the most extreme conditions. So medical wire terminal crimping what are the requirements for the size and appearance? Below to specific analysis: 1, preparing wire: according to the requirements of engineering drawings, inspection wire, peeling length and core damage condition, to ensure that the wire rod, stripping length of qualified and core without damage; 2, expected length test: test whether is expected that the length of the qualified; 3, conductor area: the pressure test conductor crimping height, width and crimping shape and samples have obvious difference, pressure parts shall be closed completely and contains all the conductor, end must flush and stretch out pressure welding area; 4, insulation skin area: the pressure to size and shape to do compaction pressure line of leather and not pierced. Hand do swing test from the connector, not loose, have pressure, then check line skin presence of puncture, and ensure that in addition to the crimping area outside to every one without damage; 5, medical wire terminal and shrapnel area: ensure that no damage deformation
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