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Mesh wrinkled cause analysis and solution

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Micro hole deviation occurs on perforated metal mesh manufacturer, waste rebound, blunt needle be mesh material biting, there will be any problem? Actually mesh punching processing will also appear in the wrinkling, what is the cause of the wrinkle? Microporous factory processing mesh wrinkled cause analysis: metal material flow resistance along the depth distribution of the lower die and drawing has a direct relationship. Another kind is the wrinkling distribution around the perimeter of the mesh products. For more than two types of wrinkling, has found out the corresponding solutions. Because the first wrinkle mesh stretching depth, the influence of the solution as follows: in the curve of the upper die and lower die, stretching depth wants moderate, this can avoid wrinkling. The second is because the pressure caused by insufficient, increase gradually. Microporous manufacturer to do in the actual production of the precision stamping industry accumulated experience for many years, but hard to overcome. Actively participate in customer product precision mesh preliminary design, ensuring that shorten new product development cycle and optimize the production cost of products. Want to know more details can be consultation: Chen Gong.
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