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Metal shell mould board security matters

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Metal shell mold in stamping process, by using the high speed punch, risk is higher. In case of improper operation, the mould will cause serious damage, and operator safety will also be hurt, so the mold to machine, be sure to keep in mind the following operation, to ensure the safety of the mold and the operating personnel. Metal shell mold off the plane in two kinds of circumstances, the abnormal and normal plane off the plane. A normal plane 1, metal shell mould. The first punch hit 'inching, turn off the counter; 2. The punching machine to bottom dead center with inching switch ( 180° ) , cut strip; It is forbidden to die when you don't in the dead center will strip cut, easy cause deformation of strip and mould parts damage. 3. Screw loose up and down mould. 4. Beat punch to the top dead center, at the same time, the mold to the mold center position, when the die must be completed two people at the same time, not one person die to ensure the safety. 5. Die car must pull away from the punch a distance rear can reduce die car height. To prevent car card in the punch mould platform, cause mould slide. 6. Clamping screws, scissors, hook, flashlight, etc in the mold die when it is strictly prohibited in punch operation platform. Second, metal shell mould abnormal plane 1. Turn off the host power supply and the counter; 2. After waiting for flywheel stops completely, heart in diagonal check before and after the mold with plastic or paper on the tall secretory. Not cushion between the strip plate and the cavities fixed plate, nor to use iron instead of plastic in the mold. 3. With safety bar shake flywheel ( Avoid by all means use hand pull out the flywheel or the flywheel before stop rod to prevent the flywheel with the security operation) Check up and down the tall secretory stick to it. 4. Screw loose up and down mould, the flywheel with safety bar drawing & 0 deg. ~ 70度; To die down. Three, metal shell mould board note 1. Before pulling mould, check to ensure that the mold inlet of material plate is loose. 2. Mold does not move when one person to pull, backward. ( Avoid by all means backward at the same time, two people will launch punch mould platform) Can be used to carry die mold base under the screw to rotate the screw hole, his hands at the same time pull up a little after. 3. Die pull out of the punch die car cannot be turned too sharply and prevent the guide plate or material plate punching machine or punch in the enclosures, cause mould parts damaged or mould slide. 4. Abnormal lower die not again when the inching operation, especially in check after the tall secretory pad plastic mould. 5. Die after lower die to punch the host and other power shut down, avoid the waste of resources. 6. Die mold normal downtime should be inching operation to guide the needle into strip round hole. ( Prevent the pneumatic feeder not clamping material caused by the back tie belt. ) It is strictly prohibited to will die in the bottom dead center. ( Yi spring in the die service life lower) Benefit is building, safety is the cornerstone. Dongguan precision hardware electronics co. , LTD focus on metal shrapnel modulus and other types of mold development and production for years, regular employees on personnel matters of safety education and training, has been to production safety discharge in the first place, the customer's property protection to every employee in the heart of the propaganda.
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