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Metal shrapnel stamping die quenching crack analysis and solution

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Metal shrapnel stamping die during quenching, found a crack appeared. The emergence of crack can lead to metal shrapnel stamping die scrapped. Want to know how to crack is produced? How to avoid the emergence of crack? Stamping factory tell you metal shrapnel stamping die quenching cracks on the reason and solution! When metal shrapnel stamping die quenching crack reasons: the mould material itself, materials exist serious meshy carbide segregation. Existing in the shell mold machining, mold heat treatment or cold plastic deformation stress when improper operation, mould shape is too complicated, uneven thickness with Angle and screw thread hole, etc. , make the thermal stress and organization stress is too large. Die quenching heating temperature is too high or burnt. The mold after quenching temperature tempering or not in time to time. Mold repair quench heating, no annealing, quenching. Has the high tensile stress and hardening layer of tiny cracks. How many ways of preventing crack of stamping die: strictly control the quality of mold material; Improve forging and spheroidizing annealing process, eliminate mesh, belt, chains, carbide and improve the uniformity of spheroidizing organization; After machining and after cold plastic deformation of mould are annealing hardening again; For complex mold can use asbestos thread plug hole; Repair and renovation of metal shrapnel stamping die preheating, cooling precooling measures; To choose the correct grinding process and the appropriate grinding wheel.
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