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Metal stamping and composite technology of electromagnetic forming

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
Electromagnetic forming is forming, high speed and high speed forming not only can make the aluminum alloy forming range expanded, and can also make the formability was improved. With the method of the compound stamping forming aluminum alloy cover the specific method is: use a set of convex concave die in aluminum alloy cover Angle and difficult forming contour in mount solenoid, electromagnetic method for forming, and then with a pair of mould in press forming covering parts forming part of the easily, and then to preform a high-speed deformation using electromagnetic coil to finish the final shape. Facts have proven that using such compound stamping forming method can be obtained with a single method is difficult to get aluminium alloy cover. Latest research suggests that magnesium alloy is a kind of high strength, good rigidity, strong electromagnetic interface protective performance of metal and its application prospect in the electronic, automobile and other industries is good, is to replace the traditional iron alloy, aluminum alloy and the trend of the plastic material. The magnesium alloy parts on the car at present meter base plate, seat frame, hood, etc. , also widely used in the magnesium alloy tube parts cutting-edge industries, including aircraft, missiles and space shuttle. But magnesium alloy six-party lattice structure decided to close its stamping at room temperature. Now people developed a set of heating and forming mold to stamping of magnesium alloy products together. The product forming process is: in the process of punch press slider down, upper die and lower die clamping material for heating, and then with the appropriate motion model for forming. This method is also applicable to punch forming within the product of the connection and composite forming of various kinds of products. Many difficult forming material, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, and other products, for example, can be used the method of stamping. Due to the stamping requirement punch block has the function of pause in the process of decline to provide time for material heating, so the people working on a new concept of punch press - — — Nc crankshaft, servo motor punch press, the use of the press can be realized in the stamping die also include a tapping screw, rivet, composite processing, thus effectively expand the scope of stamping processing, for magnesium alloys are widely used in plastic processing industry laid a solid foundation. A: on the requirements of the processing precision metal stamping parts
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