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Metal Stamping Automated Visual Inspection


Automated visual inspection is suitable for screening the appearance and size of metal stamping parts, precision hardware products, automotive fasteners, electronic components, aviation fasteners and other products. Compared with manual detection, it has obvious advantages in terms of efficiency, detection accuracy, and labor cost. Let's briefly introduce the automated visual inspection of metal stamping parts.


Automated visual inspection Metal stamping parts Precision metal stamping




1. Can detect the distance between any circles;


2, It can detect the distance between the edges of any part;


3. It can detect the distance from any edge to the center of the circle, the distance from the center to the center, the distance from the center to the center;


4. Check whether the stamped product is tilted, missing or poor in size, etc.;


5. Simultaneously implement the detection, and the results can be output through COM, I/O, Internet and other methods;


6. Automatic statistics (good products, defective products, total number, etc.).


7. Can store and query detection images;


Visual inspection technology focuses on the geometric dimensions and position measurement of objects, such as the measurement of three-dimensional dimensions of metals, the rapid measurement of three-dimensional surface shapes such as molds, the coaxiality measurement of large workpieces, and the coplanarity measurement. It can automatically detect the stamping parts as a whole, which plays a very important role in controlling the quality of stamping parts and ensuring product quality.

Dongguan Fortuna Metals CO.,LTD. focuses on precision metal stamping and metal insert injection molding. For products with high requirements, we have specially developed automatic visual inspection equipment for quality inspection. The automatic visual inspection equipment can carry out 100% detection of the product, and the internal high-resolution special camera can carry out all-round detection of the product from all dimensions, so as to judge whether the product is qualified. In this way, the goal of high detection efficiency can be achieved while ensuring that the quality of parts is 100% reliable.

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