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Metal stamping conditions of use

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
1. Metal at room temperature with cold stamping processing, generally applicable to billet thickness is less than 4 mm. Advantages as without heating, no scale, good surface quality, convenient operation, low cost. Defect is have work hardening phenomenon, serious when lose metal further deformation. Cold stamping requirements of billet thickness and the fluctuation range is small, smooth surface, no spots, no scratches, etc. 2. Hot stamping will be heated to a certain temperature range of metal stamping processing method. Advantages for can eliminate internal stress, avoid work hardening, increase the plastic material, reduce the deformation resistance, reduce the power consumption of the equipment. Die structure, die is to make the deformation of sheet metal separation or tools. It consists of two parts, upper die and lower die. Die die on the handle on the punch of the slider, along with the slider moves up and down, lower die is fixed in the work in the press. The punch and die is working parts of die cast billet deformation or separate, respectively with press plate fixed in the template and the template. Template respectively equipped with a guide sleeve and the upper and lower guide pillar, to guide the alignment of the punch and die. And guide plate and positioning pin is used to control the respectively into the direction and sent to length. The role of the stripper plate, after stamping parts or blank from the punch out. The classification of the punch and die is indispensable in the production of stamping die. Die basically can be divided into simple mode, continuous mode and composite mode 3 kinds. ( 1) Simple punch die is simple with a punch stroke only completed a process of punching die. Work article of material on the die along the two guide sent to between 9, touching the dowel pin 10 so far. The punch press down, down the parts ( Or waste) Enter the concave die hole, and the strip clamp punch and return with punch upward movement. Stock when encountering the stripper plate 8 ( On the die) Article is pushed down, such, is expected to continue to send into between the guide plate. Repeat the above action, at the first two parts.
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