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Metal stamping continuous touch of maintenance

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Metal stamping progressive dies of metal stamping progressive dies maintenance maintenance, must be careful, patient, step-by-step, avoid by all means is blind. Due to the fault with strip during repairing mold, so that the query of the problem. Open the mould, to take care of belt, check the mold status, to confirm the cause of the problem, find out the problem, then mold cleaning, can disassemble module. one Metal stamping die convex concave die maintenance 1 continuously. 1 continuous metal stamping die concave and convex die remove metal stamping die convex concave die continuously remove, should pay attention to mold the status of the original, so that the follow-up mold when loading convenient recovery; Padded or shift, good gasket thickness is to be made on the parts and make records. 1. 2 try put stripper die whether smooth change punch to try stripping piece of concave die is smooth, and try to insert and die gap is uniform, Replace the die also want to try and punch gap is uniform. For grinding after the punch punch shorter the length of the need to add gasket to need, should check whether the punch effective length is enough. Change has broken punch to find out the reason, at the same time to check the corresponding die for collapse edge, whether to need to grind edge. 1. Inspect the clearance between punch and fixed block or a fixed plate assembly punch, punch to check with the fixed block or whether enough clearance between the fixed plate, a press block activity to check whether the left margin. Assemble die should be incorporated into, and then with a flat iron into the die surface, tapping it with the copper bar in place, must not strongly oblique type of chamfer at the bottom of the die. Installed to check whether die surface and flat on die face. 1. 4 strip check punch die and mold core assembly has been completed, to do to take care with necessary inspection, all parts are in the wrong or installed backwards, check the die and the die block is installed backwards, blanking hole blockage, whether you need new change parts stolen material, need to steal material enough, mould whether need to lock position lock. 1. 5 note do stripper screw lock, lock from inside to outside, when the balancing force, cross lock, not first one lock screw, lock again another screw, lest cause stripper tilt, cracking or continuous mold precision metal stamping punch down.
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