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Metal stamping dangerous

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Metal stamping is what? Metal stamping is the use of punch and die will be stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper plate and heterosexual wood make its deformation or fracture, to have a certain shape and size of a process. Metal stamping dangerous? Often in some metal stamping tieba and BBS to see someone asks, why there are so many people to ask questions about this or similar this kind of problem? Is mainly stamping the attack repeatedly, has let people subconsciously think stamping is a kind of high risk, so stamping is so dangerous? Why often appear injuries? Metal stamping processing there is a risk, but is not really dangerous, whenever a stamping the attack, there is a reason. Is the cause of the stamping factory, on the other hand, was the cause of the workers operating. As long as both well, abide by the stamping processing system and proper operation, stamping is very safe. One, the factory should pay attention to matters of factory operation punch, how even the punch press cannot guarantee completely qualified, safe and where to talk about? Equipment mainly has the following requirements: 1, the punching machine running good punch is the basis of production safety, punch must be normal lubrication; Copper tile will not be able to appear excessive wear; Brake slack to normal range; Clutch, flexible operation control system; Each part of the bolt looseness cannot appear; 2, after installing safety grating installation safety grating, if stamping work hand or other affect the safety of the goods into the danger zone, punch will be emergency stop; In the condition of downtime, punching machine cannot be started. This is installed the safety grating punch press 3, switch design reasonable need 2 start switch and an emergency stop switch, and the two start switch must also be a certain distance apart, as long as when stamping workers 2 at the same time press the start switch to start the machine; Emergency stop switch stamping workers can't distance too far, or when a situation, workers can't immediately stop punching machine. 4, stamping mould design is reasonable if the punch is the primary factor in the safety in production, the stamping die is the second element. Stamping production rely on stamping die, so the stamping mould design is reasonable plays an important role in security. Whether it's a good feeding, material return whether smooth it can affect the factory in the process of operation security. Mold design, must be able to make sure factory can easy to use tool feeding and discharge. 5, security tools must be used in the process of stamping process is absolutely not allowed to make his hands into the mold working area, this requires security tools must be used to finish the work of feeding and discharge. Now commonly used security tools have magnet type, chuck type and tweezers. 6, to set up the safety management system and punching operations manual stamping factory must not regularly for stamping work safety training, safe production philosophy is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Help stamping workers set up safety operating habits. Two, stamping workers should pay attention to item 1, maintain good state of mind in the operation of the press, must keep a good state of mind, the mental state is bad must not operate under the condition of punch. If you have heart, be sure to ask for leave to the factory or transferred to other posts. 2, ensure the concentrated force in the process of work, do not talk to others, more can't see mobile phone, answer the call. Cannot be engaged in any other has nothing to do with operating punch. 3, calm state of mind when feeding a bad card in the case of the mold or products, must calm down to deal with, not impatient. 4, it is strictly prohibited to hand into the work area 90% of the punch injury accidents are caused by workers will hand into the work area, in any case, hand can't enter the work area. This is the first guarantee for stamping workers safe! Must use hand safety tools! 5, the company safety regulations and operating manual often learning the company safety production specifications set by the system, set up safety awareness. As long as according to the above introduction to operation and attention, metal stamping is not so dangerous. Dongguan precision stamping electronic technology co. , LTD is specialized in the production of precision terminal, shell, precision shrapnel and other precision hardware, the company size is perfect, the indicators and specification are in the top position in the industry. Committed to become the world's most professional electronic stamping parts suppliers, to help customers improve competitiveness.
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