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Metal stamping defects following design

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Metal stamping parts industry in the late 1970 s and early 80 s was earlier introduced a number of foreign advanced technology, for digestion, absorption, but the lack of enough hardware and software. According to foreign experience, the introduction of technology and the funds required for the digestion and absorption ratio is about 1:7, and our country to meet late, digestion, absorption, pace is slow. Competition in the market, in fact, technical strength. Abroad are of the utmost importance to this and are increasing investment, occupation technical commanding heights. Each big famous company for scientific research and development funds are 4% ~ 5% of its sales, key areas of 10%. At present our country although there are a number of institutions of higher learning in the scientific research work, a lot of theoretical research, scientific research achievements, patents, papers are quite high level, but not tight integration with the actual production, particularly slow to shift into commodities. Metal stamping parts design defects which were as follows: mold processing parts and drawings design error, the area is clearly marked in the drawings need to work out of area. But as a result of pressure core of modalities face again after the casting forming is adopted to guide surface machining, the machining surface and guide die surface match after clearance error exists, in the mold material emerged during the normal operation of the pressure core left/right. 1, the pressure of material core design oriented length is 125 mm, the actual orientation dongguan metal stamping parts for 115 mm long, although within the scope of the design, but more than hold up part of the 115 mm motion effectively guide 10 mm long, pressure is the core in order to unstable, no the ills of product positioning. 2, forming a 115 mm high, need to design special guide board, not by the processing surface and die wall slip distribution gap direction, side friction increases, self lubricating effect is very poor, side force of the strong can not be eliminated, can cause caused by long-term wear after batch production orientation between dongguan hardware stamping gap increases, loss of the mold in advance normal guide effect, which will produce a vicious quality accident. A: introduction on the production of precision metal stamping process
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