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Metal stamping die and mold release

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
Metal stamping die and mold release production of metal stamping mold, the mold base on general mold base, and the mold base, stripper in four parts. Manufacturers in order to reduce the cycle time, make the production of precision stamping die, will copy the technique of outstanding workers, let the mold production decrease 1, production when the exception error to devolve template float rise onto the pin hole, pour R0 below. 1 and polishing. 2, templates, all mouth burrs removing fail positive Angle, on the back of the C0. 2. 3, the lower the vice of guide pin hole positive R1. 0 and polishing, the back R0. 5 and polishing. 4, the lower the Φ 12. 000 location hole sides pour R1. 0 and polishing. 5, fan-shaped adjuster standing front box pour R0 mouth discharge direction. 5 and polishing. 6, the die pad Φ 12. 06 positioning hole sides R1. 0 and polishing. 7, tapping hole that die cushion under the front and the back R0. 2 and polishing. Inner hole 8, the two bat with kerosene wash clean. 9, activity in the lower confirm whether can, under the activity. 10, vice guide sleeve flange size to reconfirm. 11, will be vice guide sleeve from the back of the lower type in place. ( Note: only used to glue fitting) 12,Φ12。 Positive type 000 pins from the template and make the back straight out about 10. 0mm。 13 and the lower plate and the lower template with M6 screw combination. 14, block into the incision. ( Pay attention to the direction, there shall be no block of blanking) 15, dongguan metal stamping production type blanking edge into the block. ( Check for collapse edge Angle, blade surface can be higher than the mold surface 0. 000-0. 005 mm, not below the surface) 16, the activities in the, again to determine whether active parts, the smooth movement. 17, will Φ 12. 000 dowel front guide part out of the plate, on the mold base, dowel pin in mold base under the positioning hole ( Hole domestic demand put lubricating oil) Lock live templates, gently with M10 screw will locate the pin type mold base, then M10 uniform locking screw symmetry. ( If it is under the two type template action) 18, into the adjustment rod and the lower die block, rotating screw until adjustment into the template under close to die surface. In an article: how to improve the efficiency of stamping parts processing production
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