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Metal stamping die CAD/CAM technology application status

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
In recent years, China has stamping mould level has been greatly improved. Large stamping mold has been able to produce a single set of weight of more than 50 tons of mold. Covering parts mould used for mid-range car home also can produce. Accuracy reaches 1 ~ 2 microns, life 200 million times or so of multistep progressive die for several domestic enterprises can produce. The surface roughness Ra ≦ 1. 5 microns precision stamping dies, large size, Φ≧300mm) Essence in the die and thick plate punching die domestic also has reached a quite high level. Mould CAD/CAM technology in the development of China's mould CAD/CAM technology for 20 years of history. By the institute of technology and wuhan in the former huanan factory in 1984 to 733 of the fine stamping die CAD/CAM system is China's first self-developed mould CAD/CAM system. By huazhong institute of technology and the mold factory is equal to 1986 Beijing cold die CAD/CAM system is developed by China's first blanking die CAD/CAM system. Shanghai jiaotong university development of cold stamping die CAD/CAM system is completed in the same year. Since the 1990 s, the domestic automobile industry began to adopt CAD/CAM technology in mould design and manufacturing. National science and technology commission 863 plans to dongfeng automobile company as a demonstration plant CIMS application, by as huazhong university of science and technology supporting institution, the development of the automobile body covering parts and mould CAD/CAPP/CAM integrated system in early 1996 by identification. In the meantime, faw and chengdu auto mould center has introduced the workstations and CAD/CAM software system, and practical application in the mold design and manufacturing, have achieved significant benefits. 1997, faw has introduced the sheet metal forming process computer analog CAE software and start for production. The beginning of the 21st century CAD/CAM technology is gradually popular, now has a certain production capacity of stamping die enterprise basic have CAD/CAM technology. Part of the backbone enterprises also has the capability of the CAE. Mould CAD/CAM technology can significantly shorten the mold design and manufacturing cycle, reduce production cost, improve product quality, has become the consensus of people. In the 'five-year', 'the ninth five-year period, has been a large number of mould enterprises popularizing the technology of computer graphics, the utilization rate of nc machining is becoming more and more high, and also introduced a number of CAD/CAM system. EDS of UG such as the United States, the United States ParametricTechnology company Pro/Engineer, CADS5 CV companies in the United States, England DELCAM DOCT5, HZS company CRADE and space - Japan E, the Israeli company Cimatron, also introduced the AutoCAD, CATIA software and Marta, France Daravision company covering parts used in automobile and mould of Euclid IS a dedicated software, etc. Domestic automobile covering parts mould manufacturing enterprise widely used CAD/CAM technology. DL diagram design and implementation of the mold structure design have been 2 d CAD, most enterprises have to make the transition to the three-dimensional, general production gradually replace part drawing production. And mold of parametric design and start to a handful of mold manufacturer's technical development area. In terms of stamping forming CAE software, in addition to introducing the software, huazhong university of science and technology, jilin university, hunan university has developed a high level of software with independent intellectual property rights, and has been successfully applied in production practice, the good benefits. Rapid prototyping ( RP) Combined with the traditional rapid economic mold, rapid manufacturing of large automotive covering parts mould, solved the low melting point alloy die * original sample casting mold, mold low accuracy, low accuracy parts, sample making difficult problems, to achieve the rapid molding based on the three-dimensional CAD model of mould manufacturing, and ensure the precision of parts, for the automotive industry for the development of new models, the automobile body covering parts are provided rapid production manufacture, it marks the RPM is applied to large automobile body covering parts manufacture mold has been a success. Around the car body development, large covering parts mould rapid manufacturing, has emerged in recent years some new rapid prototyping method, for example, is already applied in the production of multi-point forming mould and laser shock and electromagnetic forming technology. They all showed lower costs, improve efficiency, etc. A: metal stamping parts market development strategy of the enterprise
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