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Metal stamping die line cutting processing requirements - Dongguan precision

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Dongguan precision metal stamping die line cutting processing requirements of dongguan is a professional precision provides precision metal stamping parts and LED stent production factory. Company focused on computer, mobile phone, consumer electronics, automobile and other connector terminals. Shell of precision mold design, mold making, stamping and processing production. Line cutting processing requirements embodied as follows: 1, all the template hole requirements please Angle or Angle, all template positioning pinhole, guide pin holes and positioning pin hole must be firm with cleaning, guide pillar and positioning pin hole machining 2 JG, all template image file processing according to 1:1 processing, template, plywood and stripping plate and frame mouth unilateral clearance should be in ( 0. 000? 0. 002). Between 3, template frame requires R0 in thread cutting. 1 clear thread ends, the master template demands to cut a hole more than three, vice board cut one knife 4, template online reference edge grinding and cutting before corresponds to benchmark milling machine 5, cavities must be firm with ( Punch, plywood inserts, stripping inserts, blade into the child) 6, the size of the mould kernel shape should be controlled in - 0. 002 mm? 0 mm between the inner hole size should be controlled in ( 0 mm? 0. 002 mm) Between 7, guide plate PIN should be controlled in bits of 4 bits of 4. 0 + - 0. 002. D03PIN hole should be controlled in 4 bits. 005? ψ4。 0108, template and mold base positioning PIN hole bits of 8 bits and 10 should be 0. 003 mm? 0. Guide to cut a 49, 005 mm, do parts processing must cut a three or more, ensure smooth finish and dimensional requirements ( Except special parts) 10 for stripping inserts, please insert Angle or Angle ( Except special) ; 11, splint on 30 13. 2 dowel pin hole slow wire cut one knife treatment; Company in metal stamping die design usually use to insert, Pierce side-by-side, or platoon type according to different products with different discharge material utilization to realize saving materials saving in order to reduce the cost; Production of product is a progressive metal stamping dies; The product accuracy in plus or minus of the baiting size of 0. In the plus or minus 0 01 mm, forming size. 03MM; Press the impact velocity is in commonly 200 - 1500 times/min; Process and products comply with ROHS standard precision stamping, LED stent professional website: contact: - 400 862 - 1890 /
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