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Metal stamping die standard parts commonly used English and Chinese

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Metal stamping parts - dongguan Commonly used mold standard parts english-chinese contrast air vent vale breather valve anchor pin anchor pin presents baffle regulating Angle pin tip resistance plate presents pin oblique pin baffle plate baffle plate ball button ball plug ball plunger set-pieces plug ball slider ball plug slider binder plate pressure plate blank holder, blank holder blanking die blanking punch bolster up template bottom board, bottom board bolster plate bottom plate under fixed plate bracket bracket bumper block buffer block arcade taphole casting ladle pouring package picture originally cast ear cavity cavity ( Cavities) cavity retainer plate 模穴托板 center pin 中心梢 clamping block 锁定块 coil spring 螺旋弹簧 cold punched nut 冷冲螺母 cooling spiral 螺旋冷却栓 core 心型 core pin 心型梢 cotter 开口梢 cross 十字接头 cushion pin 缓冲梢 diaphragm gate 盘形浇口 die approach 模头料道 die bed 型底 die block 块形模体 die body 铸模座 die bush 合模衬套 die button 冲模母模 die clamper 夹模器 die fastener 模具固定用零件 die holder 母模固定板 die lip 模唇 die plate 冲模板 die set 冲压模座 direct gate 直接浇口 dog chuck 爪牙夹头 dowel 定位梢 dowel hole 导套孔 dowel pin 合模梢 dozzle 辅助浇口 dowel pin 定位梢 draft 拔模锥度 draw bead 张力调整杆 drive bearing 传动轴承 ejection pad 顶出衬垫 ejector 脱模器 ejector guide pin 顶出导梢 ejector leader busher 顶出导梢衬套 ejector pad 顶出垫 ejector pin 顶出梢 ejector plate 顶出板 ejector rod 顶出杆 ejector sleeve 顶出衬套 ejector valve 顶出阀 eye bolt 环首螺栓 filling core 椿入蕊 film gate 薄膜形浇口 finger pin 指形梢 finish machined plate 角形模板 finish machined round plate 圆形模板 fixed bolster plate 固定侧模板 flanged pin 带凸缘? Flash gate flash form gate on the flask box floating gate runner gate floating punch punch land gate face gib concave taut? Chicago-brewed goose neck gooseneck guide bushing guide bushing guide pin guide pin guide post guide column guide plate guide guide rail rail head top punch? Heavily punch headless punch straight shank punch tapered solid overall mold core box hose nippler pipe joint impact damper buffer injection ram injection plunger inlay busher embedded bushing inner plunger plunger within inner insert in the punch punch insert insert pin insert tip king pin to pin king pin bush main pin bushing knockout bar knockout bar land clamping flat surface land area clamping surface leader busher guide pin bushing lifting pin on pin? Lining lining locating center punch position center punch locating pilot pin positioning guide pin locating ring locating ring lock block press block locking block locating piece locking plate positioning plate loose bush activities sleeve making printing punch die manifold block manifold block master plate contour plate match plate parting plate mold base plastic mold base mold clamp mold fastening clamp mold platen die with the plate moving bolster protection device of the mould moving bolster plate moving one side template casting solid casting the parallel block parallel block paring line parting line parting lock set clamping locator pass guide hole type guide peened head punch punch insert type pilot pin guide? Pin gate pin gate plate lining pre extrusion punch top puncher crowded punch punch punch push rod pusher pin bushing pin rack rack rapping rod draw stem re - Entrant mold sunken into the mould retainer pin insert pin retainer plate carrier plate return pin return pin riding stripper floating ejector ring gate ring gate roller drum runner flow runner ejector set port the lock pin sprue runner ejection device to pull pin screw head of plug-in plug set screw fixation screw shedder demoulding device shim separate pieces of shoe mold base and template shoot port shoulder screw bolt shoulder skeleton skeleton slag riser at slag mouth slide ( 幻灯片的核心) Slider slip to be smooth with joint spacer block spacer block spacer ring spacer ring spiders spindle spindle sprue injection mould core stents way sprue bushing sprue bushing sprue bushing guide note that guide sets of sprue lock bushing sprue positioning sleeves sprue puller sprue puller? spue line 合模线 square key 方键 square nut 方螺帽 square thread 方螺纹 stop collar 限位套 stop pin 止动梢 stop ring 止动环 stopper 定位停止梢 straight pin 圆柱 stripper bolt 脱料螺栓 stripper bushing 脱模衬套 stripper plate 剥料板 stroke end block 行程止梢 submarine gate 潜入式浇口 support pillar 支撑支柱/顶出支柱 support pin 支撑梢 supporting plate 托板 sweep templete 造模刮板 tab gate 辅助浇口 taper key 推拔键 taper pin 拔锥梢/锥形梢 teeming 浇注 three start screw 三条螺纹 thrust pin 推力销 tie bar 拉杵 tunnel gate 隧道形浇口 vent 通气孔 wortle plate 上一篇:中国五金冲压加工行业三个突出问题
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