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Metal stamping die structure

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Metal stamping single process the mould structure, to some precision is not high, not production quantities of artifacts, by a single process of the mould is more appropriate. Especially now our country is a socialist market economy. The development of new products and develop for each enterprise, is crucial. And the need for some stamping production of new products, it raised a requirement: the development cycle is short, fast development, the manufacturing cost is low. Due to friction in such developed products to occupy the market quickly. But at this point, operation dies alone can satisfy this requirement, so it is more practical. Choose the single process the mould structure, the working procedure of die structure features of the mould structure is known as a single process, is in a punch stroke, can complete the procedure. Die structure has the advantage of the single working procedure: the mould structure is simple, short manufacturing cycle, the processing cost is low; Mold good commonality, is not subject to restrictions on the size of stamping parts is suitable for small and medium-sized stamping production; Also suitable for some larger dimension, thickness of the thicker the production of stamping parts. The shortcoming of the mould structure is single working procedure: the parts accuracy is not high; The production efficiency is low. Compound die structure, the so-called mould manufacturing compound die structure, is in a punch stroke, completed more than two stamping process. Dongguan metal stamping parts in the process of completing these processes, stamping materials without feed movement. A set of blanking, drawing of compound die of cylindrical parts. The mould process must be first blanking, after stretching. Because only in this way as to make cylindrical pieces of cracking. In order to make the mould design of the structure is simple, practical, should be the maximum play to the function of each component. Compound die structure weakness is intensive wall thickness can't be too thin, Appearance and shape, form and the form) In order not to affect intensity. Intensive sharpening sometimes is not convenient. Especially in the intensive blanking, and forming the situation. 5 (as shown in figure 2 in the intensive Such as the production batch is big, when conditions permit, can separate intensive parts and in full bloom on the design and wire-cutting processing) 。 Hardware products factory in the previous: if the stamping scratches?
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