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Metal stamping for automobile stamping die industry present situation and development prospects

by:Fortuna     2021-02-16
Metal stamping for automobile stamping die industry present situation and development prospect of 1, the domestic market relatively saturated, mid-range car stamping die high-end market localization accelerated in recent years, the quantity increasing of automobile stamping mould manufacturing enterprises, production capacity increases, but the industry for small and medium-sized enterprises, equipment and r&d spending is limited, the main production technology requirements of low and mid-range stamping die products, mid-range car stamping die market supply relatively saturated, more competitive, and its self-sufficiency rate of domestic high-end market is low, only about 60%. Part of the domestic leading automotive stamping mould manufacturing enterprise, through the introduction of foreign advanced production equipment and technology, strengthen technology research and development and production process innovation will ascend to a new height, mold implementation class C auto stamping die design and manufacture of large substantive breakthrough in progressive die, successfully developed a large progressive die for up to 6 m, in the high-end automotive stamping die products market segment to all aspects of competition with international manufacturers, promoted the rapid development of market of import substitution, mold localization further speed up the pace. Own brands such as chery, Great Wall, brilliance auto enterprise successively the vehicle for car development mold from import to domestic procurement, the joint venture, such as Volkswagen and gm, car companies are also beginning to switch to domestic purchasing high-end automotive stamping mould. High-end automobile stamping die localization to further expand the domestic automobile market demand of progressive metal stamping tools. 2, domestic automobile stamping mold production specialization and commercialization degree to further improve due to our country automobile industry development history, domestic automobile stamping mold enterprise developed mostly depend on car manufacturers, to provide mould of form a complete set as the first priority for automotive oems, result in auto stamping die enterprises specialized division of labor is not strong, low degree of marketization, socialization of procurement. During the period of '11th five-year plan', China's automotive stamping die industry is encouraged to specialization from policy, commercial development, encourage the separation of advocate complementary make mold production from affiliated to independent, more and more attached mold enterprise to increase its undertake external orders or reorganized into independent mold enterprise. Current domestic production of each year die mold socialization in purchasing accounts for only around 45%, the future will further improve and close to more than 70% of the socialization of mould purchasing foreign standards. 3, automotive stamping mould manufacturing enterprises to the downstream industry chain extension with the rapid development of automotive stamping die industry, industry technical level promotion quickly, increased competition, simple design manufacturing model meet the needs of market competition, the most important industry of enterprises start to mould as the core of the downstream industry chain extension, establish stamping production line, the direct production of automotive stamping mould for the customer production, this mould as the core to the downstream industry chain transfer has the advantage that it is a car stamping die manufacturers in the process of operation and vehicle manufacturers to establish a long-term stable relations of cooperation, direct supply stamping products can better serve the automotive manufacturers; 2 it is directly with production for the customer the mold production of auto parts, can effectively reduce the production cost, improve production efficiency; Three scale advantage is obvious, automotive stamping die for customized products, and automotive stamping parts can be mass production in a row, improve the scale of production enterprises. For the above reasons, automotive stamping die main production enterprises in the industry's business scope has a tendency to downstream industry chain extension, actively cooperate with motor vehicle production enterprises, with 'integration' of the mould and product services. 4, widely used in the shape of the progressive die of complex stamping parts, in particular, some need more pair of stamping die points according to the traditional process sequence system of small and medium-sized complex stamping parts, progressive die forming are used more and more. About 30% in developed countries 40% of automobile stamping progressive die has been adopted to produce, and the proportion of China's auto parts stamping die intermediate into mould only around 10%, progressive die is one of the focus on the development of mould products in China. Progressive die is a safe, high precision, high efficiency and long life of the mold, is one of the developing direction of stamping die, can significantly reduce the production cost of small and medium-sized stampings. Progressive die through control to progress from and the location of coining individually, continuous cutting, bending, stretching, forming process, such as automation, large quantities of salt is made. Along with the development of the automotive stamping production efficiency and automation, progressive die in automobile stamping parts production will be more widely applied. A: the stamping forming process is introduced
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