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Metal stamping material rolling direction

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Metal stamping processing materials used in the processing, general with sheet metal for many, the manufacturing process in a rolling engineering ( RollMills) To metal rolling to the plate, its processing temperature between hot ( Heating, hot rolled) And cold room ( Materials under normal temperature, cold rolling) Two kinds. Block metal through the rolling machine, metal material of rolling direction same as the direction of rolling drum. When rolling metal to form the crystals and direction in roller rotation and extension, likewise its interfaces in the material also has been extended. Rolling effect to produce grain metal materials internal organization change, produced in the extension direction like the wood grain of fibrous tissue, the fiber direction is rolling direction. Made in accordance with the rolling engineering metal materials, the material properties of different directions will differ, the phenomenon in bending process. The bending direction is perpendicular to the rolling direction ( Goodway) , the material elongation is good, is not easy to happen, can allow small bending radius. The bending direction parallel to the rolling direction ( Badway) , better its material elongation is poor, prone to fracture, the bending radius is bigger. # special tips: dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. , for large metal stamping parts and deep high tensile) with more than a decade of professional and technical level, can better for the new and old customers for bulk, better for the new and old customers for big, thick pieces of aggravation. The company's web site: contact: 18925751491 mr. li
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