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Metal stamping mold burst what are the reasons

by:Fortuna     2020-05-31
Detail 1, blanking metal stamping production before no demagnetization, without return tip material; In the production of card, such as the broken needle broken springs; Assembly die when no leakage excrement, or roll excrement, shoes or shit, this is the most common, assembly of the master if do not pay attention to, like a blanking hole more, or die block, the most easy to appear this kind of circumstance. 2. Design process of mould strength is insufficient, blade spacing is too close, the die structure is unreasonable, the template blocks without pad legs on enough. 3. Improper heat treatment, quenching tempering technology to produce deformation of practice has proved that the mould quality of hot working die performance and service life. According to analysis in the mould failure reason, because of that caused by improper heat treatment of die failure & other; The accident & throughout; Accounted for more than 40%. 5. Line cutting processing not local cord line cutting, processing line cutting clearance is not right, didn't make clear Angle and line cutting metamorphic layer effect. Die blade with wire-cutting processing. Due to the heating effect of the wire-cutting processing and electrolysis, make the mould processing surface produces a certain thickness of metamorphic layer, which reduces the surface hardness, such as microcrack, die in wire-cutting processing is easily occurred early wear, directly affect the maintain of die blanking clearance and edge easy to collapse edge, shorten the service life of the mold. In wire-cutting processing, therefore, should choose reasonable electric gauge, minimize the metamorphic layer depth.
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